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Unfortunately, if the Windows Registry is corrupted beyond repair and you don’t have a backup ready, your only option is to consider resetting Windows 10. This involves restoring Windows to its default settings, giving you a clean installation without the hassle of reinstalling Windows entirely. Are you tried of constant error messages, constant freeze ups, and slow PC performance? Have you ever thought, what is the reason behind such situations?

  • Unaware of their mental state as a result of pain medication, sedatives, anesthesia, etc.
  • Over time, a large number of obsolete, redundant, and invalid entries and registry holes accumulate within the registry causing it to grow at an unwarranted rate.
  • Enlarge the Task Manager window using the Maximize button in the upper right corner.

To keep your PC running smoothly and to maintain performance, it’s a good idea to regularly perform Disk Cleanups. Invalid registry entries will slow down the PC performance.

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But some users complain that they have encountered Windows 10 won’t update issue. Thankfully, Windows 10 allows you to quickly delete all cached update files to free up space and prevent update failures.

Now you would require to reset your Windows 10 system. To do that ideally, you must follow the steps mentioned below. In case your computer regularly shows broken registry items error, do not neglect the signs of possible hemorrhage. Registry Cleaner includes an Exclusion list where the Registry entries added are meant to be skipped while scanning. The Registry entries considered to be genuine can be added to the list. The specified entries will not be scanned and marked as errors until removed from the list. This undo option helps back up the entire Registry before changes are attempted in it.

Your Windows 10 computer’s primary hard drive, SSD or external hard drive sometimes reports errors. By regularly checking hard drives or partitions for errors can help determine what exactly the errors are, so you can then fix them alright without any hassle. Since the causes of disk errors vary from bad sectors, improper shutdowns, malware, corruption, physical damage, etc., the ways to check disk in Windows 10are from being easy to powerful.

Checking for errors in the hard drive through the properties

Automated repair tools remove broken registry items by the following means. To get rid of broken registry items from your PC 0x00000003 using a third-party registry cleaner , follow the instructions given below. Follow the instructions as directed on the screen to finish the Windows refreshing process. This will automatically reset and remove broken registry items. Once the repair completes, restart Windows and check if the registry errors are now resolved.