Richadelo Global Ventures Limited is an independent trading company located in Nigeria. We have the goal of satisfying our client with the best services at a competitive price, working within deadlines and estimated budget.


Our Services:

Our range of services covered within the group include:

  • Import and Export
  • General Trading
  • General contract
  • Commodity Brokering
  • Consultancy


Our Products:

At Richadelo Global, our export products include nuts (Cashew nuts, Walnuts, Pecan nuts etc), seeds (Sesame, Sunflower, Mustard etc) Spices ( dry red chilies, chili powder, Turmeric finger, Nutmeg, dry ginger etc) which are exported whole or process after sorting, cleaning, conditioning, grading, bagging, depending on the needs of our customers.

On the other hand, we import quality cars and spare parts, industrial equipment, consumer goods, electronics, household appliances etc; which we ship to Nigeria and other African countries.


Our Reach:

As the name Richadelo Global Ventures Limited, we are global in our perspective and as such we have a wide range of access globally whereby we ship to any part of the world. Hence, our clientele comprises both national and international individuals who trust in our services and products.


Our Team:

We have a team of partners and professionals who work relentlessly to improve capacity thereby providing quality and reliable but cost effective services that are satisfactory to all our clients. No matter the kind of service required from us, we delivered on client expectations through a concerted effort aimed at achieving excellence.



We Deliver What We Promise



We not only aim at moving and transporting your goods from one destination to another but also aspire to work within the specifications and instructions provided by you.


As an experienced shipping provider, we assure not only to offer on-time deliveries of commodities but also apply economical rates on transportation by any means (road, sea or air).


Whether you have a small or large consignment, import or export, cash crops or machinery equipment and/ or commodity brokering or real estate, we carry your cargo by road etc.


We are a Canadian based shipping company with a massive and secure global scope. We proudly deal with overseas clients and offer them a fast and safe transportation of all heavy and light commodities.



At Richadelo Global Ventures Ltd, we are results oriented. This is because we believe that results are the best marketing strategy for expansion. As such, we are not only after producing results as a company, but strives to see our clients businesses produce credible results.


In order to produce credible results, Richadelo Global Ventures Limited strive to bring innovation to bare using the best global practices and technology at our disposal, hence, creating a niche that is unbeatable by our competitors. 


We are aware of our competitors. We believe that healthy competition is the father of innovation, thereby producing outstanding results and a sense of uniqueness. This spirit is what inspires innovation and creativity in us that give us an EDGE over our competitors.


We have an obligation to accept responsibility or give account through a system of checks and balances in order to ensure good services. This means we are answerable to our clients. It helps us serve better.


Our team is a group of dedicated people who strive at satisfying your needs. At Richadelo Global, the dedication with which we plan and execute our strategies is matchless. We aim at you satisfaction.


We do not only plan and execute our strategies using the best practices, we also work within the specifications and instructions of our clients. We executes only those strategies that suits you best.